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“For many years I suffered from what the doctors called “Stress Headaches” which on occasion lasted three excruciating days or more. Pain killers didn’t work and only inhibited my ability to function which caused me to miss days of work. When in 2002 a friend suggested massage therapy, I found Connie Espinosa, CMT of Professional Massage Therapy and noticed an immediate reduction of headache pains. I’ve been seeing Connie on a bimonthly basis since then and my headaches decreased from several times a month of excruciating pain to maybe only once a month of manageable pain. Her therapeutic deep tissue massages and neuromuscular therapy have worked wonders for me!”
Gratefully, Lorna C.

"I’d be nowhere on my pain & hip injury recovery if not for your amazing massages.  The knowledge & compassion you continue to show me is far above any other type of therapy, therapist or medical professional I’ve ever seen in my 65+ years! 

I do not know how I would  of survived the past 6 months. So looking forward to our appointment."

Sincerely, Cathy E.

If it were not for the knowledge and skills of Connie my professional massage therapist who specializes in neuromuscular issues from repetitive work tasks, long stressful commutes and the motional impact of my employment with people at some of the worst times in their life;

I would not have been able to continue working for the last two years. 
As well as my regularly scheduled massage appointments every three weeks; Connie's expertise, compassion and professional application of kinesiology tape to keep her hard work and my failing body in place is invaluable for my productive daily dedication to public service and my quality of life. Thank you for your reliability, dedication, knowledge of body mechanics and intuitive ability to quickly and efficiently locate problem areas. You make my life easier!

Sincerely, Rebecca G. 

Professional Massage Therapy
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Connie Espinosa
Connie Espinosa